Friday, 16 March 2012


Spansdalen is home to the other well-known icefall in the area, Henrikkefossen, a monster of a WI4/5.  Rick McGregor's guide covers this area (and much more besides) so check here for more info:

There are several lines on the cliffs above Tennevoll (shown on map), and also quite a lot on the north side of the Spansdalen valley (not shown above as we didn't get any photos or exact locations).  We didn't do any of these as they looked mostly fairly easy (apart from some VERY high up) and were pretty sun battered, but they are certainly worth checking out and there could be quite a few lines all the way up that side of the valley.  This is a picture from the line called 'Hangover' and is described in the guide linked above.

The main event is Henrikkefossen, on the left below, a six pitch WI4/5.  On the right of it is Soylefossen, a four pitch WI5/6.

For both, just park by the bridge and walk up the road (there is no parking available on the smaller road).

Further up the valley are several more falls, at a guess between WI3 and 4+, and probably much longer than they look (same falls from different angles):


  1. Hi friends,

    I'm loocking for accomodation in Spansdalen Valley. Can you say me what possibilities have for host in the zone?

    Do you have specific info about the icefalls? Names, difficults, etc...

    Thanks a lot and best regards

    Rafa Vadillo

    1. for accom - is where we stayed. No other info on the climbs than what we wrote above I'm afraid. Best of luck!

  2. A great Hotel to stay for climbing is Gratangen Fjellhotell. Have a large drying room for equipment and Sauna for tired climbers. Some of the staff is keen climbers and can help with route info.
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