Thursday, 23 February 2017

About Us

This guideblog was written by Nick Harvey and James Booth.  We're two London based climbers, who are passably competent at this ice climbing business. Maybe, just, and on the seldom occasion we actually get to do it.

You can contact Nick at


  1. Hi Nick I'm being a bit dim but I can't find you on facebook, or any contact page on your blogs, but I wanted to get in contact as I'm looking for info on N Norway for a trip next year with Kenton Cool and Neil Gresham. My email is if you can get in touch cheers Ian

  2. Hello guys,
    I would like to tell you about new climbs on Uloya, where I run a lodge. See here:
    The climbing potential is great and there is lots of work to be done, too much for myself :)
    You can contact me on paszczak.artur///gmail