Tuesday, 21 February 2017

North of Kåfjord


Getting to this island involves a boat trip. We haven't visited the island yet, but Alpinist Newswires has information on Uloya, and there's more information here including an option for accommodation. 


Austrian climber Albert Leichtfried visited this island (which can be accessed by tunnel) in 2014, and his report mentions a 550m WI6 at Trolltinden, Kågen. We haven't visited Kågen yet.


Spurred by a report that Reisedalen is an ice climbing Eldorado of the North, we visited it in 2017. Maybe it was the thin conditions this year, or we didn't look hard enough, but we were disappointed. 

While we didn't find much ice, Ian Parnell reports:

On a rest day Kenton and I followed the E6 north as far as Oksfjorden and then the E865 into Reisadalen just beyond Sappen. The latter in particular I think offers some interesting stuff particularly in the grade IV - V range.

At Sappen was a campsite perhaps called Reisenfossen with what through the trees looked to be a major icefall 300m of IV or harder. There were many hillside glacial run off smears in 200m plus scale plus a few more normal falls I've included photos, combine this with the series of icefalls above the E6 just before Fosselvfossen east of Sorslett and you have the makings of a very good trip.

Fosselvfossen 80m cone
Reisadalen 400m+ wall 2

Reisadalen 400m+ wall

Reisadalen east of Torfoss 30m IV - V

Reisadalen Torfoss 40m IV or V

Reisadalen Torfoss 60m+ IV-V

West Fosselv 100m V - V+

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