Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Nick & Jim's future ticklist

We've climbed in the area this blog covers for a total of nearly eight weeks, but there is still lots left for us to climb, so here is our list for the next few trips:

(This is mostly self-serving but certainly demonstrates the volume of routes here!)

Orndalen - mighty WI6 at back
Orndalen - big WI4/5s on right
Orndalen - narrow gulley

Gorsabrua - WI6 pillar
Gorsabrua - whatever is at the end (Storfossen etc)

Kafjordalen - above road driving through Birtavarre

Tamokdalen - Hattavarre 2 and 3

Near E6 - Monster
Near E6 - brown ice coast side of road tunnel

Lyngen - Goldrush
Lyngen - valley south of Kvalvik routes

Skibotndalen - Hourglass

Other areas -
Sordalen - Rubben etc (lots)
Flaget lake

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