Saturday, 11 February 2017

Hattavarri - The Hidden Valley

The Hattavarri Icefalls are located further along the Tamokdalen valley and are not visible from the road.  As of 2011, only one route has been climbed here. 

NB: the east-facing slope below the icefalls, which you have to traverse to reach them, is at an angle prone to avalanche under adverse conditions.

Many thanks to Aadne Olsrud for bring this area to our attention!

The four routes can be seen below.  The marked route, Hattavarri Prime, is WI5, 90m.

View on the walk in, just as the climbs come in to view:

Nick on the first ascent:

Video from the first ascent:


  1. These climbs look like fun!! Have any of the other ones been climbed yet?

  2. I am afraid I have absolutely no idea. They would indeed be fun though.