Tuesday, 14 February 2017


We hadn't heard much about this valley, but took a drive down it anyway.  In the space of a few kms we passed, maybe, 25 icefalls.  There is a whole heap of ice in this valley, most of it with a reasonable walk-in and we reckon, mostly, in the three to four grade range.  There was one route on the shady side but most were getting the sun - on the route we did, we got a complete soaking, so be warned.

Soppingfossen, the pillar on the left, WI 4+.  A surprisingly awkward walk-in as the river was not fully frozen. We parked very near the bridge below the route.

The pillar of Soppingfossen

The Mannfjellet Icefalls, including Gustavtjørna, WI 4

Other ice (same side of valley as Mannfjellet, further NW)

 More other ice
A dog

A mountain

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