Friday, 17 February 2017


There are routes, easily visible from the E8, across the valley from the road on its south side about 11km+ from the E6 junction. These include Hourglass, photo below. There is more ice in the Norddalselva side canyon. Access these by parking by workers' cabins next to a gravel quarry and taking the easy track over the bridge:

Hourglass, with Norddalselva canyon to the right


Some of the climbing in Norddalselva canyon 60m, WI4 right, WI3 left

Next route further into the canyon (ie to the right)

..and the next route - not the piddly thing it appeared,
a classy WI4+, 90m we unofficially dubbed 'The Charming Sting'
Further up Skibotndalen there are some easy routes where the main river travels through a gorge. We parked near the cabins at Halsebakkan, but it would be worth finding an easier way into the gorge than we did in 2011. Any other route would be easier...

A WI3(?) on the opposite side, but how to get there?

Fighting our way into the gorge:

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